Tuesday, 29 May 2012

i tried to do some creativity with this pic..and this is how it looks..i kind of like this effect..i increased the sharpness of this picture and then applied soft focus and finally tried lomo effect..
As i am sitting clueless on my roof..i thought of trying what i learnt today from a friend..taking a night shoot..yeah..i am new to all shooting modes so m gonna go slow..try every modes..try to bring sharpness to my pictures..better positions..and a lot more creativity..

i'll try the night shots tomorrow as i clicked some really good pictures today..and here are those..

yesterday i tried to capture some good pictures as it was very cloudy..and rainy evening..some of the pictures were a bit are some pictures of yesterday..

hey guys..feel free to comment..or advice or give suggestions to my pics..

Monday, 28 May 2012

Tried to take a professional picture..but i think its somewhat close to it..

As said by a friend.."People will say why do you want to make a pic of a wall"..but i see more than a wall..i see the effect of it and i like it..

these are some of my favourite pictures..and many more to come..
hi everyone!! its my first day as a blogger..and my first blog..i am not a writer so thought of making this my photography blog..hope you like it.. :-)